Thursday, October 11, 2012

Star of the Week - Brooke

This week our Star of the Week is Brooke.  Brooke shared her "About Me" poster.  She brought in her dinosaur to show the class, and her mom came in to read us a story.  We also used Brooke's name to make words and identify vowels and consonants.

Name Poster

Here are a few things about Brooke:
Brooke's favorite food is pizza.
Brooke's favorite color is pink.
If she could have one wish, it would be to fly.
A few more of Brooke's favorite things are:
Brooke's Family:  Mom, Dad, her sister, Annie, and Stan and Ned her two cats.

Brooke is hole her "About Me" poster.

Brooke's mom read us a Halloween story and we really enjoyed it.  It was very funny.
Brooke's mom is reading to our class.

We hope you enjoyed your Star Week, Brooke.  Next week's Star is Violet.


  1. Thank you for welcoming me into your classroom! I had a great time reading to the children.

    Brooke's Mom :)

  2. HI first grade! We are excited to write you from Chicago! How are you doing? We saw the video of your music class and it looks like fun. Oliver read Brooke's blog and he wants to tell her that he likes swimming too! We are working on the iPads today. Do you have iPads? We like Fly Guy too and Josie has the Mercy books at home. Do you have a classroom library? We do! What are you studying? We are studying the solar system. Talk to you soon, Room 106

  3. Congratulations to Brooke! My class loves pizza too!