Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Global Read Aloud - Charlotte's Web (Day 2)

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This is day 2 of the Global Read Aloud.  The book we are reading is Charlotte's Web.  We enjoyed reading chapter one yesterday and we were anticipating what would happen next.  First, we reviewed the characters from chapter one.  Next, we talked about the setting of the story.  The setting is where the story takes place.  Our responses were:

  • The Farm
  • Fern's house
  • The kitchen
  • The barn

Mrs. Ruckes shared a nonfiction book with us called On A Farm.  There is a pig on the cover of this book and we think it looks like Wilbur because it's white.

We made two predictions about what would happen next in the story.  Our predictions were:
I predict Wilbur is getting bigger.
I predict Wilbur will talk.

Mrs. Ruckes read chapters two and three as we worked on our Reading Response sheets.  We wanted to see more pictures but Mrs. Ruckes reminded us that we were reading a chapter book and they usually don't have a lot of pictures.  Sometimes chapter books don't have any pictures and we have to make our own mental pictures.

We thought the part where Fern is pushing Wilbur in a stroller with her doll was really funny.  Here are more of our favorite parts from chapters two and three.

Wilbur might grow!
The girl was right by Wilbur.  Wilbur was happy.

Fern is putting Wilbur in the box.
The girl was right by Wilbur.  Wilbur was happy.

Wilbur is sleeping in the barn.
Here is a hound.  He is trying to get his food.

She put the pig in the box.
I put Wilbur in the box.

Tomorrow we'll read chapter 4.  We really love this book!  What is your favorite part of the book so far?


  1. Mrs. Nemecek's ClassOctober 3, 2012 at 7:23 AM

    Hello Mrs. Ruckes' Class,
    My Kids think that it is really cool that you are from the United States. Everyone is interested in knowing what your weather is like today, it is about 5 degrees here today and it definately feels like fall, even though it was 30 degrees last week.
    We really liked your pictures and predictions. One of our favorite parts is when Fern puts Wilbur in the doll stroller and feeds him with the baby bottle.
    Today we are going to be drawing some pictures and we will share them with you.
    Happy Reading
    Mrs. Nemecek's Grade1/2

  2. Dear Mrs. Nemecek's,
    Today it's cloudy and rainy. The high temp for today is 65 degrees. Thanks for stopping by our blog. Have a great McGregor day.
    Mrs. Ruckes' Fanstastic First Graders

  3. We are also reading Charlotte's Web for the Global Read Aloud. Each Thurdsay we do a google hangout with 3 other classes from British Columbia and we listen to one of the teachers reading a chapter. Maybe you could join us one week.

  4. We are on chapter 13 of Charlotte's Web. We like reading it too. We read the book all of the time. We read the book at school. We like the characters. 14 people like Wilber, 14 people like Charlotte. It's a good book!
    Mrs. Ruckes' Fantastic First Graders

  5. We took a poll and here are our results: 13 of us liked Wilbur the best and 4 of us liked Charlotte the best.