Friday, October 12, 2012

Music Specials Class

My Little Pony from Valerie Ruckes on Vimeo.

We love going to our special class for music. We sing, we perform, and we learn to play instruments, too. We have music for and hour each week. Do you have special classes for music at your school?


  1. We have music class with Mr. James. We have music twice a week for 50 minutes each. We sing songs, learn about music, play instruments, and last friday we made our own song with actions.

  2. Thanks for stopping by our blog. We have music twice a week for 30 minutes. We play instruments, sing songs, walk around the circle to music, we dance to songs, and we sit on the risers and learn songs. We have lots of fun at music.

  3. Ms. Leech's Class

    We just had music class. We have music on Wednesdays and Fridays for half an hour. Oliver says we sing songs and play on the zylophones. Christian says we read music books. Rajan said that today we listened to a song about animals. Jaiden says that sometimes we read a blue book that has songs in it. We really like singing a song about Canada called This Land is Our Land.

  4. Hi,
    In Music class we saw a movie on the SMART Board about the Little Red Hen and the characters were instruments. It was fun to watch and funny too.
    Mrs. Ruckes' Fantastic First Graders

  5. We have Music in our own classroom with our own teacher, Mrs. van Rees. We thought your video was fun! Your classroom looked so big! What was the song you were singing and playing to?
    Thanks for sharing,
    Mrs. van Rees' Grade One O.W.L.s
    Emmeri, Darine, Katie, Tyler, Rajdeep, Julia, Taiba, Victoria, Cashen, Jash, Shea, Nathaniel, Misra, Kayli, Gurtaj, Rahil, Nikki, Matthew, Jordyn and Caleb.