Saturday, July 21, 2012

Fluency Poems on Animoto

December Poem-Animoto Fluency Work Each week my first graders practice a new fluency poem during our morning meeting time. The poem is introduced after we read our morning message together. The title of our newest poem is, December. We use poetry to practice our fluency. Poetry is a fun way to practice reading with expression, to learn about punctuation and phrasing, to notice and identify word families, and to work on our word accuracy strategies. At the end of the week, we illustrate our poems, and then we place them into our poetry notebooks. Walking Museum After our poems are illustrated and placed in our poetry notebooks, we share them with our classmates. A fun way to share our work is to have a Walking Museum. During the Walking Museum, we walk around our table groups and notice the great work of our classmates. Daily 5 During our Daily 5 time, we also make good use of our poetry notebooks. We use them during Read to Self, or independent reading. We also use our poetry notebooks during Read to Someone, when we read with a buddy. As you can see, we love using poems to work on fluency. We hope you enjoy our illustrations too. Just click on the Fluency Poems-Video link at the top. You'll see our illustrations via Animoto. How is fluency practiced in your classroom?

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