Saturday, July 21, 2012

Book Review: Katie Kazoo, Switcheroo (Anyone But Me)

Welcome to "Keep In Touch Tuesday" and our second book review. We are featuring the book, Kattie Kazoo, Switcheroo (Anyone But Me) by Nancy Krulik.  Read my book review below and leave any questions or comments in the comments section.

Katie Kazoo, Switcheroo (Anyone But Me) By Nancy Krulik
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Have you ever been bullied?  Hopefully, you have not.  If you have been bullied before, you probably felt like Katie.  You wish you could be someone else--anybody--else!  Katie ruins her favorite jeans, lets out the loudest burp in the history of her school, and gets teased by the classroom bully, all in one day!   It's no wonder that she wants to be anybody else.  However, in the words of someone famous, "Be careful what you wish for."  Katie soon discovers that things are not always as they appear to be.  Read the book to find out what Katie discovers.  You might enjoy reading other books in the Katie Kazoo series:

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I enjoyed reading this book.  Both boys and girls will enjoy reading this book too.  I love the title of this book because the word "switcheroo" is one of my favorite words.  Just ask my first graders.  I give Katie Kazoo, Switcheroo--5 STARS.   Leave your comments below and Happy Reading!

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