Sunday, November 23, 2014

It's Mine! By Leo Lionni - Read Aloud

Our Read-Aloud time is one of our favorite times of the day. One of the books we shared this week was, It's Mine! by Leo Lionni.
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We created a Padlet to capture our thoughts about the book. We started with questions that we had about the book based on the title and the cover pictures.  Mrs. Ruckes read a portion of the book and then she asked this question: What are the characters (frogs) like? We used the Padlet again to capture our responses. After finishing the book, we discussed the lesson that was learned. Take a look at our Padlet below.

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  1. Excellent predictions 1st graders! Sounds like the book was just what you thought. :-)

    Ms. Mitchell (Karina's Mom)