Monday, October 7, 2013

Fun Run! Fun

On Thursday, our school had its annual Fun Run.  First graders wore their yellow t-shirts and we ran laps around the bus loop to music.  It's always an exciting day.  First, we take a class picture.  Next, we go outside and run our laps.  (You can also walk if you get tired.)  Parents were cheering us on!  After that, we went inside for water and a treat.  The Fun Run is always lots of fun!  By the way, Mrs. Ruckes ran, too.

Our class poses for a quick picture. 
Kayla is get ready for the event...groooowlllll!
We're off and running...
Does your school have a Fun Run?  We would love to know about some of your school events.


  1. We're having a Fun Run at the end of the month! We hope ours is as fun as yours.

  2. We are Team Mallory and we have a fun run, but it is actually called the Terry Fox Run. It is not exactly the same because we don't get treats and we didn't take a class picture. But we are running for a purpose. This purpose is running for cancer. We were running around our soccer fields and we had music like you! Many of us were wearing purple because it is our school colour. We were very sweaty but we all had fun!