Thursday, March 7, 2013

Math Fact Families

This week we have been working on fact families in math.  We decided to share our work using an App called a Show Me.  We started by throwing two dice to determine the three numbers for our fact families.  Next, we wrote down our three numbers.  Afterwards, we wrote our fact family.  Finally, we demonstrated our learning using a Show Me.  You can see some of the Show Me's we created below.


  1. We have done math fact families before too! We did it the same way as you did only we recorded them in our math books. Next time we'll try using the app Show Me. We have some questions for you. We want to know where you are from. We live in Surrey, British Columbia. We are all in grade 2. We have 24 kids in our class. We are called the King Cobras. We have 18 boys and 6 girls in our class. We work with another grade 2 class called the Coyotes. We do lots of stuff together. Write back to us and tell us more about yourselves.
    Mrs. Betts
    and the Grade 2 King Cobras

  2. Hi Mrs. Betts Class,
    We are from Michigan in the U.S.A. We are in first grade and we have 17 kids in our class. The name of our school is McGregor Elementary. We are very kind and cool. We always say our pledge of allegience and our safety pledge every morning. We write sentences that begin with capitals. We never play around during our writing time. Next week we have our first grade music program and we are singing our school song, and 7 other songs and we will be playing instruments. Next week we also have a field trip to a nature perserve called Dinosaur Hill. Also, our student teacher, Miss Larson left yesterday. We miss her a lot!
    Mrs. Ruckes' Fantastic First Graders