Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Science Alive

Today our class participated in a program called Science Alive (Hands-On Education With Living Things).  Each class in our building gets to visit with the animals up close and personal.  Students receive Hands-On contact with live amphibians, reptiles, birds, and mammals.  Today we were introduced to a chinchilla, a South American horned frog, a  Burmese Python, an alligator, and an armadillo.

Our class was anxiously awaiting the arrival of our animal friends.  Most of us remembered learning about the animals last year in kindergarten.  The biologist are great about introducing us to a variety of animals.  Some of the animals were new to us and some of the animals were returning for another visit.  Science Alive is a program that excites us year after year.  As you can see below, even Mrs. Ruckes tried on the python ( for the first and last time ever)!

Mrs. Ruckes wearing Sunny Delight the Burmese Python

Gracie and Brooke with the Alligator

Lily petting the Horned Frog

Griffin wearing a python necklace

Erica holding the Alligator

Sarah petting the Chinchilla


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